In the world of big law firms, BlackBerries are hot. For many other law firms, BlackBerries are on the �we must talk about this� lists.
My friends at Dativoci are doing some cool things in the BlackBerry world that might help law firms and other small businesses.
Dativoci is a Nextel Partner who develops, integrates and licenses mobile business solutions software for iDEN handsets and BlackBerry devices. It�s also a BlackBerry Alliance Partner whose products are featured in the most current BlackBerry Solutions Guide.
Dativoci usual work entails either deploying turnkey Microsoft Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise Server infrastructure and/or extending existing back office applications into the mobile environment.
For a law firm, Dativoci might do projects ranging from getting a firm�s document management system to work on the attorneys� BlackBerrys to supplying a full-blown Microsoft Exchange / BlackBerry Server system either as an ASP or as an onsite turnkey system. I make no secret of my leanings toward the ASP environment in the small/medium business setting.
If you are one of the many law firms considering projects in these areas, check out what Dativoci might be able to do for you.