And why is he emailing me about it?
Maybe it’s just me, but didn’t everything about email, including spam, seem so much simpler just a few years ago, in the days before spam filters?
Think about this: what if the cold callers had to resort to saying phrases like “vita triptych drub” as soon as you picked up the phone just to get the chance to offer fantastic mortgage rates to you? It’d be disturbing and it’s disturbing to see in your inbox too.
Perhaps, worst of all, maybe now I need to think about using subject lines like “vita triptych drub” to make sure my emails get through, instead of calling to make sure that important email arrives.
But, you know what, Damien Pagan – in a few days I’m going to rank higher in Google for searches on “Damien Pagan” and “vita tritych drub” than you ever will. I guess I get the last laugh.