CaseSoft has added another product to its great line of litigation software tools. Once again, CaseSoft has created a great tool that fits a compelling need for litigators at a compelling price ($149.95 for DepPrep, with a special $79.95 price until August 31 available here).
From the DepPrep web page:
“DepPrep is an electronic tutorial that makes it easy to groom witnesses for their depositions. All aspects of deposition preparation are covered — everything from deponent demeanor to how to answer a question.
DepPrep isn�t intended to eliminate the interaction between witness and counsel as deposition approaches. Rather, DepPrep enhances the time counsel spends with a witness. Instead of dealing with perfunctory points, you�re free to focus on the most critical issues. Moreover, witnesses who spend 30 � 45 minutes with DepPrep are ready to make the most out of their interaction with counsel.”
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