It wasn’t until I read Evan Schaeffer’s lengthy and detailed analysis of the Anonymous Lawyer yesterday that the realization suddenly hit me – Evan could in fact also be the Anonymous Lawyer.
Think about the following:
1. Evan is way, way too interested in the details of the Anonymous Lawyer and the hidden identity of the Anonymous Lawyer. Way, way, way too interested, if you ask me. Very suspicious.
2. Evan and the Anonymous Lawyer are, by wide consensus, the only two humorous legal bloggers. Think about it, what are the odds that there are actually two lawyers who have a sense of humor and can write humorously?
3. Evan is the only legal blogger who has kept multiple well-written blogs going for a long time. Might he not have one more (Anonymous Lawyer) also going, hmmm?
4. Evan’s knowledge of the details of the Anonymous Lawyer posts is encyclopedic – not what you would expect from the casual fan.
5. Evan’s never let himself be seen in person. Neither has Anonymous Lawyer. QED.
6. Evan’s entire post yesterday appears to be a trial balloon that floats future plot lines for the Anonymous Lawyer.
7. Most importantly, Evan’s blog is replete with characters he has invented. He’s no amateur at creating fake characters. My favorite character, by the way, the one who is always defending trial lawyers – that one cracks me up every time.
8. There have been other clues that I am not yet ready to divulge.
Perhaps we can find an expert text analyst to determine if Evan’s blogs and the Anonymous Lawyer are, in fact, written by different people, or whether the multi-talented Mr. Schaeffer has created yet another masterful ruse. I hope that the answer is the former, because, if it is the latter, I would be forced to proclaim that Evan is not only the funniest lawyer blogger, but also the king of all lawyer bloggers.
[DISCLAIMER: This post includes multiple attempts at humor and should be regarded by lawyers as such, to the extent possible, rather than taken literally in each instance.]