One of the most fun things I did in the last year was a video shoot as part of Intel’s “Centrino Luminaries Program.” In the video, I talk about how notebook computers with Centrino chips offer some great benefits to lawyers as I’m seen in a variety of great St. Louis locations. I like to think of it as “my first video,” like I was on MTV.
My contact at Intel reminded me today that the video is available on the Intel website your viewing pleasure. Go to and look for the link to the video in the section called “Law Firm.”
The video was shot and put together by a great professional crew with whom I had a lot of fun spending a day. I was very pleased with the results, and, after using my Centrino notebook for about a year, I’m an even bigger fan than I was when the video was shot. I’m also pleased with Intel’s strong interest in focusing on ways their technology can help lawyers and we’ll be seeing more of that.
Check it out the video.