I’m forming an opinion that some of the coolest things happening in technology are being developed in Australia. Earlier this year, I had an amazing conversation with Rod Payne at Quickscribe about some of the cool things he’s working on in multi-media.
Tonight, I had a great conversation with two members of the management team at SpeedLegal about the current state of document assembly in the legal market. I’ve been dabbling in document assembly for about 15 years and have gotten to know a number of the leading experts in the field. There were points in our conversation this evening where I felt like we were completing each others’ sentences. I so much enjoy talking with people in the tech business who are doing cool things that show a deep understanding of both how people work and how best to help people accomplish what they want to do. I really like SpeedLegal’s approach.
I know that I’ll be keeping a much closer eye on what is happening in Australian technology. You might consider doing the same. The Internet makes the neighborhood you can live in so much bigger.