My pal Michael Clark at EDDix, LLC sends me news of the release of their new research report called Electronic Discovery in Litigation: EDD Supplier Landscape. He describes it as “118 pages of solid, primary research and analysis.” Michael has tempted me with a free copy for mentioning the report on my blog, so don’t tell him that I would have mentioned it anyway. Details on purchasing the report are at
I’ve got to get into this electronic discovery book business. Both Michael’s report and my electronic discovery column co-author, George Socha, have published reports on electronic discovery this year that are priced a little bit higher than my $45 500-page eBooks. Maybe I should have consulted with them before pricing mine. I know who will be picking up the lunch check when I see both of them next.
Seriously, though, there is a crying need for good, solid information about what is happening in elecronic discovery. The market for and the impact of electronic discovery over the next few years will be ENORMOUS. Like the Socha Report, the EDDix report represents a major effort to bring some solid numbers and information into what has been a world of guesstimation. Great work!
George and I’s new electronic discovery column should be appearing very soon at It’s called “Eight Simple Steps for Doing Effective E-Discovery.” And, don’t forget about the great virtual roundtable of 18 experts on electronic discovery that appeared in Law Practice Today this summer, an article I edited that generated me lots of compliments, all of which are the result of the great work of the contributors.