As you may know, I’m on the Board for ABA TECHSHOW 2005, by any measure one of the premier legal technology conferences held annually.
We will soon be finalizing the sessions and speakers. I always like to make an extra effort to learn about new (or former) speakers we might consider for 2005.
Let me first make this DISCLAIMER. I’m only one of nine votes and speakers are selected by the Board as a whole.
If you’d like me to add you to my list of potential speakers, get me the following information:
+ Short bio, listing relevant experience/expertise, prior speaking engagements, et al.
+ A list of topics you can speak on, arranged more or less in order of your preference and/or strengths. TECHSHOW speakers are generally expected to speak in two sessions.
I’ll take it from there and can answer any questions.
Please note that we prefer to use lawyers and others in the legal profession as speakers when possible and, in most years, employees or reps of vendors will not be selected as speakers. However, we do have Tech Training Institute sessions that are intended to be vendor-specific that can be purchased by vendors. The TTI sessions can feature vendor reps and employees and were very well-received when we introduced the concept last year. For more info on TTI sessions, see