Home WiFi networks make a lot of sense for many people. With prices continuing to drop, they are suprisingly inexpensive and definitely a project that can be done by the do-it-yourself. Computer security remains an issue, but you can address the security issues in a way that gives you reasonable comfort by taking just a few straightforward steps.
CNET has recently published an excellent primer by Mitt Jones for DIYers wanting to install a simple WiFi network. The article is called “Cut the cords with a WiFi network” and is a great starting place for those wanting to install a home wireless network or to tweak and improve an existing one.
If you want to delve more deeply into WiFi Networking, I like Adam Engst and Glenn Fleishman’s The Wireless Networking Starter Kit, Second Edition. Glenn is also one of the authors of the Wi-Fi Networking News blog, a great resource on wireless networking news, reviews and other useful info.