I was listening to a psychic give on-air readings on the radio yeserday morning. I began to lament, for a moment, the fact that celebrity psychics make more money from these “readings” than I ever will from providing technology consulting services to law firms.
I then noticed Kevin O’Keefe’s salute to my prediction abilities about blogs and RSS feeds.
That reminded me that I had recently finished my annual article on legal technology predictions.
Maybe I’m missing something obvious here, I thought.
What about doing a psychic hotline for legal technology, with a hefty fee for each reading?
“I can see that you will finally leave WordPerfect 5.1 behind by the end of 2007.”
“No, you are actually wasting more money than you think on technology.”
“I see your clients leaving you because of your antiquated technology.”
“No, your young lawyers won’t believe that Blackberries are the equivalent of Tablet PCs.”
“Yes, I definitely see you hiring me to help you out.”
I guess the idea of a legal tech psychic hotline will not work.
Kevin O’Keefe is someone whose insights and opinions I really respect. I badgered him with my obsession about the importance of RSS feeds during a phone call a few months ago. I’m slowly convincing lawyers. With Kevin now on board, the total is now creeping up toward the double figures.
I got to spend some time last week with Tom “Inter-Alia.Net” Mighell. To me, Tom is the lawyer who understands this whole blogging thing better than any other. At dinner one evening, someone asked Tom and I about blogging. I swear that we both said at the same time that “it’s RSS feeds that really matter.” As usual, I saw a puzzled look in response.
As a legal tech psychic, I can confidently predict that most lawyers will be way too late to understand the implications of RSS feeds. For me, though, the feed phenomenon is one party at which I want to be one of the early arrivals.