Matt and I spent some time together Monday shooting a marketing video for Intel’s Centrino group and HP on the benefits of mobile computing for lawyers.
I took a minute during the interview portion to make some pointed remarks about the worst idea in legal technology – the efforts (that should be resisted by any lawyer who cares about technology or his or her work!) by some firms and IT departments to roll their lawyers back to desktop computers only. I’m sure my sermonizing will end up on the cutting room floor, but I felt better for getting it on tape.
On Monday evening, I noticed the Blue Man Group doing a commerical for Intel’s Centrino technology and thought, hey, I’m just like them, except that I’m less known, not on TV and not painted blue.
However, I completely lost my voice this afternoon from laryngitis. I think that makes me more like the Blue Man Group than Matt is, at least today.
We had fun working on the video and got to work with a great team – thanks especially to Melinda, Gail, Caleb and Lisa for putting this project together and letting us be the “talent” for a production.
I believe that the video will be used primarily for internal purposes, but it might appear on the Internet at some point.
Matt is right about the Tablet PC. Once you get your hands on one, it’s hard to let go. They make so much sense for lawyers.