I’m pleased to announce that Matt “the [non]billable hour” Homann and I have agreed to hold a combined annual retreat for both firms this year. It will take place this weekend when Matt and I drive to Chicago together to do some prep work for the LexThink! Chicago conference and attend the Chicago BlogWalk. The deal to combine our law firm annual retreats came together when we were able to land two of the best law firm retreat speakers currently available, Dennis Kennedy and Matt Homann.
Regular readers of this blog will recall that last summer I pioneered the annual retreat by blog format. As a follow-up, I can report that last summer with had a superb speaker, had lots of ideas and made some great plans, but, as is common, did not execute the plans after the retreat as well as we hoped. By combining the efforts of two firms, we hope to improve both our ideas and our execution. Plus, Matt and I were going to be riding together on the four-hour drive to Chicago and hanging out for the weekend anyway.
Although I prefer to keep the focus on retreat business, Matt may issue an open invitation for bloggers in the Chicago area to meet us in our hotel lobby.
I’m such a fan of blogging that I can’t wait to meet some of my blogging heroes at the Chicago BlogWalk, including the great Jack “Knowledge Jolt with Jack” Vinson, who convinced me to move to full-text feeds.
There have been some discussions of broadcasting the retreat sessions as a webinar or podcast, but we haven’t been able to guarantee broadband coverage all the way from Highland, Illinois to Chicago. We have not ruled out an audio program based on the retreat.
By the way, the response to LexThink! Chicago truly overwhelmed us and delayed us in getting invitations out, but we have vowed to get the invitations out before we get on the road to Chicago.