I finally put an end to the Hamlet-like approach to LegalTech New York I’ve had over the last month and have decided to attend LegalTech this year. I’ll also be attending a meeting for the Corporate Legal Standard’s newly-created Law Department Benchmarking Standards Panel and Committees, of which I am a member.
My plan is pretty simple – to meet as many people and learn as much as I can about what is happening in legal technology as is possible in three days.
Marty “The Trademark Blog” Schwimmer called me today so we could set up something so we could meet in person for the first time. He expects to be available around 5:30-ish on Monday evening and we’re thinking about getting a group of blawggers together for dinner. Although “social coordinator” was at the bottom of the list when I worked with my career counselor, you can let me know if you want ot join us and I’ll try to make info about where to meet available. There seems to be quite a contingent of blawggers who will be there.
I’m trying not to put a lot of things on my calendar for LegalTech (especially since this is a last-minute decision) so I can circulate as much as possible. By all means, if you see me, please say hello.