I may be a little biased since I’m an editor and on the board of the ABA’s webzine Law Practice Today, but the February issue, with a TECHSHOW 2005 preview theme, is another good one. It’s also available via RSS feed or you can subscribe to the monthly email update.
You’ll find great tech articles from Dan Pinnington and Joe Kashi. Joe’s article, “Is 64-Bit Computing Worth It? A Performance and Cost Comparison,” will show you why I think Joe is the best writer on computer hardware you’ll find among the legal technology experts, as well as saving you a significant amount of money.
You will also find a new column on Adobe Acrobat tips from David Masters, who wrote the book, a great assortment of columns, and articles on the core topics of finance, management, marketing and technology.
I’ve written this month’s Strongest Links column on resources about disaster recovery and turned a well-received blog post into an article called “What Are the Most Common Mistakes a New Legal Blogger Makes?
Lots of great stuff in this issue.
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