The best news in the legal blog world is that Jerry Lawson has increased the volume of his posting to his blogs. It seemed to me that he slowed his pace substantially after a serious car accident a while back (perhaps a year or more) involving Jerry and his wife (I believe that both are now doing well) and a period of heavy work demands.
If you hadn’t heard the story, Jerry was driving around one of the major circles in Washington DC when a tree fell into the circle and hit his car. Jerry’s wife took the brunt of the impact and I know that her recovery has taken a good deal of time.
I’ve known Jerry for many years and had the pleasure of writing columns and articles with him for a good number of those years, as well as the book project we recently pulled the plug on. I’ve never found anyone who “gets” the implications of the Internet for lawyers (and others) more than Jerry does.
Well, I noticed Jerry has been linking to a number of my posts lately with favorable comments about them – that means a lot to me.
Yesterday, Jerry wrote about one of his long-time favorite topics – narrowcasting. It’s fascinating to me how many times I’ll see people grappling with what seem to be new ideas and realize that Jerry spoke and wrote about them in clear, yet sophisticated, ways several years before.
For me, reading Jerry’s blogs is like going to the best school I can find. And it’s free. I recommend that you find time to attend as well.