I’ve long been a huge fan of Neil Squillante and the TechnoLawyer email lists. It’s played a major role in helping lawyers learn about technology and in helping tech-savvy lawyers connect with each other. I’m grateful to Neil for the role he and TechnoLawyer have played in letting people know about me and in providing a forum for my writing. I finally got to meet Neil in person last week at LegalTech New York and had a great time hanging out with him.
Subscribing to the TechnoLawyer list is a MUST if you have any interest in the use of technology in the practice of law, as a lawyer, a client or a vendor.
As part of Neil’s continuing quest to improve the already-great features of TechnoLawyer.com, Neil is in the process of launching the Technolawyer Blog, which will have an RSS feed, and you might like to take a sneak peak before the official launch to whet your appetite.