I suddenly realized that there might be a chance that the law professor blogs might actually notice my blog before I got the chance to mention all of my favorite law professor blogs, so I decided to accelerate my pace a bit.
I wanted to be sure that I mentioned my absolute favorite law professor blog – The Yin Blog. I’m not sure that either Tung Yin or his co-blogger, Kevin J. Heller, have tenure yet, so I’m hoping that my favorable mention of their blog doesn’t hurt their chances for getting tenure. My apologies in advance.
I don’t think that I can give a higher compliment than to say that here are law professors that you actually would want to sit down and have a beer with. Although they (in fairness, that’s Kevin’s gig on the blog) can get a little too political for my taste (about one political post a month usually does it for me), they cover a lot of topics with great style and a sense of humor (Oops, now that may have cost them tenure).
Not to cause dissension among the co-bloggers, but the blog is named after Tung Yin and he’s clearly the star. I’m so impressed that I’m now telling prospective law students that they need to consider going to law school at Iowa, and I’ve added Iowa to my mental list of top 20 law schools. It’s the power of blogging at work.
Tung and I share some common interests in science fiction and TV. This post on spy TV shows is brilliant and my views are quite similar. Hmm, maybe that’s the reason I think the post is brilliant. I’m assuming that his silence on the new season of MI-5 reflects my silence because of the unspeakably horrifying plot directions that have all-but-gutted the show we knew, and from which there is almost no chance of recovery.
So, I give you The Yin Blog, a truly great law professor blog, no joking around.
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