No and yes. It appears that I am writing less frequently on technology topics for a few reasons.
1. I’ve written a good number of chapters for books and articles for print publications that simply have not appeared yet. I’m pretty much in a holding pattern on those topics until those articles and chapters appear in print.
2. I’ve been working on quite a few new presentations and handout materials. Some conference organizers prefer that you not publish handout materials before you make your presentations.
3. Some people don’t count articles on blogging and RSS feeds as “technology” articles, so they “overlook” those writings. It’s long been interesting to me how a good number of people seem to think my articles on Internet topics are not “technology” articles.
4. I’ve been asked on a more regular basis to write on topics that are not specifically technology topics.
5. I’ve been gradually moving my focus toward Internet technologies in my writing, where I believe there is a lack of coverage in terms of technologies for lawyers, and letting some of the excellent young writers on hardware and software topics for lawyers cover some of those areas.
6. I’ve published articles in a number of different outlets and stopped writing a regular legal technology column.
I suspect that if you count up all of the articles in the last year or so (something I’m embarrassingly overdue in doing – and am considering hiring some help to get done – or maybe finding someone to do one of those Lawrence Lessig style fan club echo blogs that covers when my articles appear and when I’m quoted), the numbers won’t be all that different.
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