Awesome! I’m finishing up an article on my experience with my HP Tablet PC TC1100 to-date that will appear soon as a TechnoFeature on
A few preview notes:
1. Add Microsoft OneNote to a Tablet PC and you’ll be saying, “Got a Hemi.” OneNote supercharges the Tablet PC experience and is the coolest program I’ve used in a long while.
2. I really like using the stylus instead of a mouse for things like ticking through my email inbox and moving through FeedDemon and reading RSS feeds. Very efficient.
3. I’m a big fan of the smaller form factor and the benefits of a smaller screen when traveling.
4. I’m even more convinced than ever that the Tablet PC is the best computer choice for lawyers.
5. I’ve changed a lot of my thinking about inputting data. There are times when a keyboard makes sense. There are times when writing with a stylus makes sense. There are times when a stylus makes more sense than a mouse. There are times when an external mouse makes more sense than a stylus. I now have also begun to see speech recognition as a much more usable form of input.
6. The Tablet PC starts to make the “paperless” office more realistic to me. Why take notes on paper when you can take the notes on your Tablet PC and have them in digital form?
7. I’m not yet convinced about the actual utility of handwriting recognition, but I can say that the capability of the software to recognize handwriting is, at times, magical.
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