Now, where did you hear that? It’s like someone inside my own head asked that question.
I actually am reconsidering my position on comments. Of course, reading another story about someone getting 1,000 comment spam in one day did have a negative impact.
I recently had someone suggest that DennisKennedy.Blog might not really be a blog (despite my apparently unschooled belief to the contrary) because I have chosen not to enable comments. I also recently saw a scoresheet for determining if a blog was really a Blog and began to wonder whether, even though I call this a blog, act like it’s a blog and, after all, generate it by means of “blogging software,” I really have a blog after all.
I believe that Dante had walled off a special section in Hell for people who create complex definitions and run around looking for ways to enforce them and cry foul on others. So, to the definitionists I say, you win, I don’t really care whether I meet your definition of blog or not, I’ll just do my own thing and you can ignore me and keep me off your lists. I can live with that.
Anyway, that suggestion had nothing to do with me thinking of enabling comments.
As I’ve done the “By Request Tuesdays,” I’ve started to wonder if I might do a companion feature like “Here’s My Question Thursdays” where I would throw out some of the questions I have (e.g., will someone ever figure out a solution to the non-opening of javascript windows on certain web pages in both IE and Firefox? why do cable channels show the same movies every weekend? what in the hell was going on in the heads of the MI5 producers when they eliminated the three main characters this season and turned the show into a nearly incomprehensible mess, or am I just missing something?). I wondered whether turning on comments for those posts might be a good addition to the email option.
Also, in the recent blogger dinner naming contest, I began to wonder whether letting people submit names as comments might have produced better names as people saw the other submissions and reacted to them.
So, I have begun to toy with the idea of enabling comments for certain posts. However, according to the blogger definitionists, I might have some other priorities to address first if I want to continue to think that I am actually blogging, so the comment enabling experiment might not happen for a while.
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