I noticed this past weekend that I had two new technology obsessions. That doesn’t count my ongoing RSS and .Net / web services passions. I also consider my Tablet PC / OneNote thing as more an infatuation with tools rather than a true new tech obsession.
The first of the two new tech obsessions is the newest one and most amorphous. It’s Microsoft SharePoint Services and what its potential might be in an outsourced hosting environment.
The second grows out of some conversations I had with Bill French last year and goes back to my interest in the most fundamental concept about XML – the division of content from display. This one is a cool tech obsession because it has a high acronym ratio. It is XML and XSLT and, in particular, the ways you might be able to use XML in Microsoft Office.
I’m still at the thinking, rather than doing, stage in obsession #1, but I’m starting to take baby steps in obsession #2.
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