There have already been a number of posts (Bruce MacEwen is especially good) reacting to Leigh Jones’ shocking article called “Want to Poach Associates? Good Luck” in the National Law Journal, which reports on the trend of law firms scrubbing their websites of any biographical or other information about their associates. However, I find the behaviors discussed in this article so disturbing that I’ll add my own thoughts.
I’m stunned by the lengths some law firms are going to make it impossible to contact associates or find out anything about them or what they do.
Hello, anyone ever think that your clients might want to call or email an associate working on a project for them and want to use your website to get the info?
I can’t even imagine a more short-sighted practice, with negative consequences at countless levels. And, of course, a practice that guarantees that their best associates will be leaving.
You treat people like anonymous cogs in a machine and theb you wonder why they aren’t “loyal” enough to the firm? Even better, will these firms deny associates promotion to partnership because they aren’t bringing in enough business?
The best part is that this “tactic” should have no impact whatsoever on keeping a good headhunter from getting to the associates.
No wonder the law firm associate bloggers I hear from go to great lengths to stay anonymous.
I just shake my head in disbelief at this kind of stuff. I’m wondering how cool it is to tell your parents and friends that you have a job at a leading law firm and they can’t even find any trace of you on the firm’s website?
The phrase running through my mind: “climate of fear.”
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