One of the great things about subscribing to RSS feeds is that all kinds of great ideas show up in your newsreader every day from experts in their fields. For free.
Law practice management expert Reid Trautz (and a speaker at the upcoming TECHSHOW 2005) provided me with another great example the other day. His post called “Files That Talk” is both a subtle reminder and a call for action. It is essential reading and it certainly hit home at the Dennis Kennedy Law Firm. We’re carving out some time today to implement Reid’s suggestions.
The money quote:
“Here is my proposed standard for office appearance: My clients can visit at any time without the condition of my office embarrassing me or causing the client to silently question my effectiveness and efficiency.”
Think about it.
Reid goes on to say:
“Meeting with clients in a conference room is, at best, a temporary solution to a messy office. Quite frankly, it’s a cop-out. The same goes for shoving documents in the file with the best intentions of neatly organizing it later—it only gets attention if the matter goes to trial or a hearing. In the meantime, clients and others are watching the mess grow.
Taking time to frequently organize your files and offices will provide your clients with a positive picture to take with them during and after the representation.
Not a sermon, just a thought.”
In this case, the thought is more powerful than a sermon.
Think about it. Then think about it again.
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