We hear and read a lot about perfecting our “30 second elevator pitches” so we can best explain to people we meet what it is that we actually do. You can take that idea a step further by getting people specific information about what types of businesses you would like them to refer to you.
John Jantsch at the Duct Tape Marketing blog calls that second technique the “perfect introduction” and then flips that idea on its head – a very useful technique I find myself using more often these days – and talks about the “reverse perfect introduction.”
He says:
“To really get the most from this tool, send it out to a list of potential network resources (people who serve the same target market) and ask them to complete something just like it for themselves and send it back to you so you will be better prepared to refer them.”
Isn’t easier to make referrals to someone who is making referrals to you? How often do you miss the opportunity to send business to good referral sources because you simply don’t know what business they are looking for?
[Originally post on Dennis Kennedy.Blog (https://www.denniskennedy.com/blog/)]