We got a surprisingly large number of entries in the naming contest for the March 30 Chicago blogger dinner event thing. Many people submitted the same ideas.
We determined that some names, like BlawgFest and Blawgapalooza, although good names, had the connotation of day-long events. Other names were quite clever, but too long. A few names ran the risk of confirming what many people feel is the inverse relationship between lawyers and creativity.
Interestingly, our winner has chosen to honor the roundly-criticized practices of law firms who have decided to scrub any traces of contact information or biographies of their associates from their websites. Our winner has decided to remain anonymous, perhaps out of fear that he or she was spending time in something other than the pursuit of billable hours.
Oh, yeah, almost forgot. The official winning entry in the naming contest is:
BlawgConnect 2005.
Mark your calendars accordingly. Let me remind that the rules expressly prevent any complaining about the decision of the judges.
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