One of my favorite people I’ve met through blogging is Jack Vinson. I’ll always be grateful to Jack for inviting me to BlogWalk 6.
Jack was at LexThink on Sunday and has a great little essay summarizing a session on collaboration (I actually participated in that session) that raised some fundamental questions in some new ways. Jack brought to the discussion his great insights, his experience in KM and the benefit of his preparation for the class in KM he is now teaching at Northwestern.
Jack summarizes the session well. I have the giant post-it notes from that session and have thought a bit more about the ideas that were raised in that session. In a way, we flipped some of the standard assumptions about the negatives of online or “virtual” interactions on their heads and considered whether they might be positives rather than negatives. In part, we looked at some examples of successful voluntary collaborations where people had never met in person and compared them to unsuccessful collaboration efforts in the employment context.
It might have had nothing to do with the day’s topic of “creating the perfect professional services firm,” or it might have had everything to do with it.
In any event, if you are considering a KM project, Jack is definitely someone you want to have on your short list of people to help you.
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