Virginia Grant at Altman Weil has written an article called “For Law Departments: Five Strategies to Help Your Outside Firms Increase Diversity (PDF file)” that will reward you greatly for the time you spend reading and thinking about it, and then acting upon its recommendations.
Diversity, like technology, is an area where clients definitely will begin to drive the actions of law firms, with increasingly less patience. Are you going to keep talking about these issues or are you going to do something about it?
The money quote:
“Law firms tend to give the same reason for why their diversity demographics are not at the level they would like: not enough qualified candidates, or an inability to attract minority candidates.
Corporate law departments should not continue to accept such excuses. Law departments must remind law firms that they are in the business of providing solutions and resolving difficult situations.” (emphasis added)
Highly recommended, as is a subscription to Altman Weil’s email newsletter called Altman Weil Direct.
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