I was interviewed this morning for an upcoming article about lawyer blogging and ended the interview with my usual comment that the coolest thing about blogging is being part of the community of bloggers and getting to talk with, meet and become friends with other bloggers.
I got off the phone from that interview and had lunch with St. Louis blogger and star Microsoft employee, Randy Holloway. It was great fun and Randy has posted some very nice notes about our conversation on his blog. After those flattering comments, which make me blush, I’ll think I’ll be buying lunch next time. We have a mutual admiration society going because he is very talented and impresses the heck out of me – and he’s fun to hang out with.
I was thinking after Randy and I spoke about some of the difficulties in the field of legal technology. Often, I speak with lawyers who don’t quite get technology or the benefits it can bring. More often, the technology people don’t understand what lawyers do. It can be quite a disconnect.
That’s why it was fun talking with Randy today. He spent a bit of time working at a law firm on a big case with lots of discovery (in the pre-electronic discovery era) before his Microsoft career. He obviously knows the tech side, but he has an uncommon grasp of what lawyers do and how they work. He asks great, insightful questions and has a lot of useful comments and ideas for me. Plus, we get to talk about blogging, podcasting and stuff like that.
I’m also looking forward to getting the chance to see Randy speak at an upcoming SQL 2005 rollout event this fall.
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