One of your wisest uses of your legal technology budget is not buying what you already own. How many times have you done that? Are you sure those are the only times?
Let me recommend that you add to your reading list the article, “Maximize the Value of Your Accounting Software Package,” which I found in today’s issue of the SmartPros newsletter.
The article summary says:
“Most companies will spend a significant sum to replace or upgrade their accounting or enterprise resource planning software. But many of those same firms use just a fraction of the software’s many capabilities.”
The money quote:
“In these programs, there are often automatic tools like document imaging systems that will scan an invoice, record it in the system and match it to a purchase order for preapproval,” he says. “But users often bypass that feature — either because they don’t know it’s there or because they don’t know how to use it.”
The article suggest four steps for you to consider:
1. Reassess your primary and secondary needs for purchasing the system.
2. Look for duplicate applications in your office.
3. Take advantage of quick customization opportunities.
4. Support ongoing user training.
That’s a pretty good to-do list for any organization.
Remember the money that you waste on bad technology decisions (and it’s hard to imagine a worse use of your budget than buying something that you already own) prevents you from having money available to implement innovative technologies.
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