I received in my email inbox today the latest issue of the PLI All-Star Briefing, which has become one of my favorite legal email newsletters and legal resources. And it now has an RSS feed (note: includes other PLI newsletters as well – This, in my opinion is a must-subscribe RSS feed for business lawyers).
Today’s issue, not yet available on the web, covers the topic of Circular 230, which has implications for lawyers giving any kind of tax-related advice. The newsletter contained an excellent overview from well-known estate tax guru Jonathan Blattmachr that provided exactly the kind of overview of this topic that I have been wanting to see. It also provided a short excerpt from his PLI seminar on the topic. Best of all, as it does each week, the newsletter had a URL to downloab an excellent article on the topic, in this case and article by Blattmachr and others called “Overviw of Circular 230 for Tax Practitioners.”
While the newsletter doesn’t cover topics of interest to me every week, it does so on a consistent basis and each issue has free downloads of a handout, article or forms.
Obviously, the newsletter is designed to market PLI’s excellent seminars, but, as I told John Mastandrea of PLI earlier this year, it’s done a great job of turning me into a fan of PLI and increasing the likelihood that I would attend or recommend that someone else would attend a PLI event.
For organizations struggling with the proper balance between giving away content and “gating” information so only members or subscribers can see it, the PLI model is an excellent one to follow.
How about a money quote from today’s newsletter:
“Taken literally, the changes are extremely broad, inhibiting the free flow of information about Federal tax matters from lawyers and accountants to their clients—and will increase the cost of delivering written work product to clients. The Circular 230 amendments represent one of the most significant developments in practice in recent years.”
Two action steps for you:
1. Take a run through the archives to see why I am so enthusiastic about this resource.
2. Subscribe to the newsletter (info here) or to the RSS feed. You can thank me later. A tip of the hat to John Mastandrea and the crew at PLI for providing this resource.
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