Jason Krause’s new article “The Cisco Way” in the September ABA Journal is an absolute must-read for any regular reader of this blog. I’ve written on a number of occasions about to what I like to call “client-driven technology.”
This article will help you understand how clients to a far greater degree than lawyers wiill change the legal profession, in technology and in more fundamental and structural ways. I’m very confident in that assessment and prediction.
However, I don’t want to delay you in reading the article (it might be only available for about a month to non-subscribers).
Here’s one of many possible money quotes from Mark Chandler, Laura Owen and others at Cisco quoted in the article:
“In the past you would say, ‘I hope there’s one firm big enough to do it all for me,'” Chandler says. “Not anymore. Now technology lets you pick and choose and bring together the best in each area.”
Give that quote some serious thought.
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