I really like Microsoft OneNote and see it as a great tool for many lawyers. Unfortunately, not many lawyers are using OneNote. Many lawyers find it difficult to convince their IT departments that OneNote should be on the “approved” software list.
For those lawyers who have gotten permission to use OneNote, I recommend Chris Pratley’s recent post “Unifying the analog and the digital with OneNote,” which sketches out the vision for the upcoming version of OneNote. Put me on that beta list!
The money quote:
Screen clippings: When you use the screen clippings feature in OneNote (Windows-S shortcut), you can insert a screenshot of an area of the screen you choose. This image is then OCR’d just like those other images. In fact, we’re including about four different OCR engines in OneNote, each one optimized for different types of images that contain text. We sniff the type of image and use the appropriate one automatically.
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