The highly-respected Ellen Freedman’s new blog called “Law Practice Management” has a great post called “Safeguarding Client Information” that discusses a recent Arizona bar formal opinion on the subject, the need to rethink your efforts in securing client information after Hurricane Katrina, and other food for thought. Ellen, like me, is more of a proponent of the application service provider (ASP) model than most lawyers you will meet.
The money quote:
“A cry for help arrived on the listserv for me and my fellow law practice managers across the state asking what a firm can and should do when it has no information left whatsoever. Just imagine not knowing who your clients are, how to contact them, what deadlines and appointments are coming up. Don’t even think about collecting on open bills or paying outstanding bills. These firms have literally nothing. They are starting from scratch. And the question is where do they start when there is not even a scrap of paper left.”
Check it out.
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