This post is more in the nature of a note to myself on something I want to spend some time thinking about, but others might find it interesting as well.
Consider this quote pointed to by Rajesh Jain on
RSS as API for Content
Nivi writes:
A Web API lets you use a web site’s computers, data, algorithms, and functions to create your own web services. Google, Ebay, Amazon, Yahoo, and many other web services have APIs.
RSS is like an API for content. RSS gives you access to a web site’s data just like an API gives you access to a web site’s computing power. Most important, RSS gives you access to your data that you have locked up on a web site.

It strikes me that there is something essential and important being expressed in this quote.
Nivi’s full post also demands further study and note that it is part 3 of a continuing series called called “RSS is the TCP/IP of Web 2.0.”
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