Mark Lieb sent me a pre-release review copy of his new book, Litigation Support Department, which I finished over the weekend.
When I was at the recent ILTA legal tech conference, I was struck by the large number of litigation support managers for law firms I saw there. It seemed like the fastest growing new occupation in the legal profession – at least based on my small sample set.
With the advent of electronic discovery and the growing expectations of judges, juries and clients that cases will be presented electronically, many firms are creating a litigation support department that is separate from the IT department to handle technology, staffing and other aspects of today’s litigation. Based on what I’ve seen, the people in charge of these departments are highly professional, knowledgeable and competent. In short, they are probably more valuable to law firms than the firms realize.
I expect to see much more attention placed on litigation support and creating litigation support departments in the next few years.
Here’s where Mark’s book comes into the picture. It’s a thorough, hands-on roadmap of how to set up a litigation support department and how to make an existing department better, written by someone with actual experience in creating a successful lit support department. In short, it’s exactly what you would like to have at hand when building a lit support department.
It includes checklists, useful files on CDs and a detailed roadmap of the steps in the litigation process where lit support personnel can be employed effectively.
If you have the task of creating, builiding or managing a lit support department, get a copy of this book as your starting guide. It’ll take you a long way.
Mark also plays a significant role in the useful Litigaation Support Vendors Association website, which I’ve mentioned on many occasions.
You can get a preview of the book (in PDF format) here.
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