Not getting enough attention for the cool things you’re doing in legal technology at your firm? Would $10,000 (or $5,000) of HP equipment make you feel better about all the work you put into your favortie project? I bet it would.
HP is inviting firms to apply for HP’s 2005 Legal Technology Awards. There are two categories – firm excellence and technological innovation.
From the webpage for the awards:
The HP Legal Technology Awards is a competition exclusively for legal industry professionals. HP would like to recognize and reward those firms – large and small – that are effectively using technology in creative and innovative ways to save time, increase productivity and/or improve client services.
You can get your application for the awards at
If you’re doing something cool, why not get some recognition and some computer equipment for your efforts?
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[NOTE: Maybe this doesn’t rise to the level of something that needs to be disclosed on a blog, but I feel more comfortable disclosing it. I am happy to promote this competition, but I have relationships with HP through LexThink and personally that I believe are material enough that it would be inappropriate for me to enter this award competition. There’s also some possibility that I’ll be involved in judging the competition.]