In honor of BlawgThink 2005, Carolyn Elefant posted a link to a great presentation-by-blog she and Jerry Lawson did in 2003.
Let me reprise my original post on that presentation in honor of all of Carolyn’s great work on
What Blogs Can Do for Solo and Small Firm Lawyers is a cool new approach to doing presentations via blogs by Carolyn Elefant and Jerry Lawson. It has great content and is a highly inventive use of the blog form.
I think the “blog presentation” approach makes great sense as a way to repurpose a presentation on the web. My opinion, however, is that this approach is too “texty” for a live presentation and PowerPoint, used well, is a better tool.”

The presentation stands the test of time and is full of useful information. It’s also interesting to see the “blogroll” for that presentation blog and see the list of excellent blogs that have also stood the test of time. Great stuff.
Carolyn will be one of an amazing slate of speakers we’ve been fortunate to put together for BlawgThink 2005. We’d love to see you there.
I know that many of you are curious about Jerry Lawson’s blog silence of late. I’ve exchanged emails with Jerry recently and can report that he is well, but extremely busy, and, with luck, we’ll see his return to the blogosphere before too long.
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