While there are other ways to accomplish the same thing, I’m fascinated by Rollyo, which gives you an incredibly easy way to create your own personal (and shareable) search engine that runs on a universe of websites selected by you.
It’s an online tool and is a good example of what people are referring to when they use the term “Web 2.0.”
As an experiment with the tool, I created Rollyo search engines for:
Legal Technology – based on some of my favorite legal tech websites
Between Lawyers – search the individual blogs of all of the contributors to the Between Lawyers blog
LexThink – search the LexThink blog, Matt’s blog, my blog and the ReThink IP blog. I’ll probably add blogs of speakers and attendees of BlawgThink to the search universe soon.

So, check out Rollyo, look for the Rollyo search engines I created and roll a few of your own mini-search engines.
As I said, there are other ways to accomplish the same thing, but Rollyo is a simple and easy application that will let you try out this approach and see its power and utility.
Thanks to Gary Stein at Jupiter Research and others for pointing out Rollyo.
[Originally posted on DennisKennedy.Blog (https://www.denniskennedy.com/blog/)]
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