I noticed this week that my recent posts were regularly appearing on a site at the aspsurvival.com domain name. I’m talking about my full posts, not just excerpts. In at least one case, another blogger linked to a post on that domain, thinking they were linking to my post.
Let me make it crystal clear that I have nothing to do with the aspsurvival.com site.
Just to make the obvious even more clear, you will need to get my permission, which I usually grant, to reproduce and reuse my posts in a manner that goes beyond fair use.
I’ll also note that there has been a growing growing amount of comment and concern about instances of blogs “repurposing” content of other blogs to take advantage of ad programs. At an extreme end of the spectrum is a phenomenon known as “splogs.” Steve Rubel has some posts on the topic of splogs and related matters here, here and here. I definitely recommend that you read these posts (and the comments) and think carefully how you use posts from other blogs, whether they explicitly have a Creative Commons or other license, or whether they are silent on the issue of licenses and permissions. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts and recent developments in fair use on a regular basis. As a reminder, I have specifically chosen not to use a Creative Commons license on this blog even though we use one on the Between Lawyers blog.
Interestingly, Frederik Hermann has, with more than a bit of irony, suggested that maybe blogs that mirror or echo your posts might be a backup source in case you have a problem with your blog.
One of the reasons I place the “originally posted on DennisKennedy.Blog” note at the bottom of each of my posts is to try to be sure that some kind of attribution stays with my posts if they are harvested and repurposed.
It will certainly be interesting to see where, if anywhere, this post gets automatically reposted. That also will have more than a bit of irony, to say the least.
[Originally posted on DennisKennedy.Blog (https://www.denniskennedy.com/blog/)]
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