Betsy McKenzie’s post “Rex Libris – Librarian Regnant!” on the Out of the Jungle blog is a celebration of law libraries and law librarians, an enjoyable read and an invitation to read further into the excellent Out of the Jungle blog (and subscribe to its RSS feed).
The post starts out like this and is a pleasure to read (and I encourage you to do so):
Here is what I think is important and timeless about libraries and librarians: we embody the culture and caring of our society, passed down over the ages. From the Great Library of Alexandria, where items on the shelves were scrolls and finding aids were lists and it was a huge technical leap to arrange things in alphabetical order — through the medieval monasteries which kept learning alive in western Europe by hand copying Bibles and commentaries and classical manuscripts — to today’s libraries where we are in danger of forgetting our heritage and meaning.
I’ve long felt that the law librarian blawgs as a group represent some of the very best work in all of legal blogging. And, as I’ve asked before, will employers please give these librarians some nice raises and bonuses for their work in the blogging world?
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