The new issue of the ABA’s webzine Law Practice Today is now online (Disclosure: I am an editor and member of the webzine’s board, so I may be proudly enthusiastic about this issue.)
This issue’s theme looks toward the near future and what lawyers can do to enhance their practices in 2006. You’ll find stories about coaching, goals, networking and many other useful topics.
I have a part in two articles. The first is called “Does Web 2.0 Point Us Toward Law 2.0?,” which is an informal roundtable discussion on Web 2.0 concepts that was accomplished in a short time by using a Web 2.0 collaboration tool called Writely. As John Tredennick says, “In the Web 2.0 world, the Internet becomes a platform for connecting people in social networks. And, about empowering them with software to work together in ways never contemplated by traditional organizational manuals.”
In a second article, Tom Mighell and I also used Writely to write our monthly column, The Strongest Links: Web 2.0. The column turned out to be a comprehensive set of links to resources, articles and tools to help you explore and experiment with Web 2.0 tools and concepts.
Highly recommended.
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