I highly recommend Dave Pollard’s great post called “Blinded by Science: What’s Your Dangerous Idea?” In the post, Dave takes a look at a recent collection of essays from prominent thinkers discussing their favorite “dangerous ideas.”
Dave, a little disappointed by the essay collection, offers ten dangerous ideas of his own that I guarantee will get you thinking.
The money quote:

Why are these ten ideas ‘dangerous’? Because they threaten deeply-entrenched ideas and strongly-held, widely-held beliefs. Because those who they threaten will do almost anything to prevent them becoming widely accepted. And because they’re actionable. Take them as your own and they will change what you think, believe and do.
What’s your dangerous idea?

I’m thinking that my Fourth Generation (4G) Legal Technology idea, once I get it fully thought out, will become my dangerous idea in my little niche of the world.
What’s your dangerous idea?
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