New is a relative term, but I will highlight five legal tech blogs that have either started or become much more active recently.
1. The I Heart Tech blog is Adriana Linares’ blog. Adriana focuses her work on tech training and her blog is a great source of helpful tips and techniques on technology issues for legal professionals.
2. The Information Governance Engagement Area is Rob Robinson’s blog. Rob focuses on electronic discovery, compliance, records management and information governance issues. He also did a great job of covering the recent LegalTech conference.
3. David Munn’s Blog covers a variety of legal tech issues from the viewpoint of corporate legal departments.
4. Rick Borstein of Adobe writes the Acrobat for Legal Professionals blog, which posts detailed information about specific Acrobat techniques and issues found by lawyers. It’s a great complementary blog to the PDF for Lawyers blog.
5. The TechnoLawyer Blog is not quite as new, but is another good one for your list. I especially enjoyed Neil Squillante’s recent post on his notes from LegalTech.
For a list of some of the long-lived legal tech blogs, see my Strongest Links column on legal tech blogs from the April 2004 issue of Law Practice Today. It’s also worth noting that a brand new (and excellent) issue Law Practice Today has just been published. Check it out.
Speaking of long-time legal tech bloggers, Jeff “Law Tech Guru” Beard has a helpful post today for those trying to decide what to do when the other shoe finally drops in the Blackberry patent saga.
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