Lots of discussion about Macintosh security lately because of this ZDnet article indicating that a Mac OS X system can be compromised in 30 minutes. The responses have, not unexpectedly, bordered on the religious, as you will see in this Slashdot discussion.
In fact, Apple recently released a patch to fix twenty security vulnerabilities after reports of worms and other security issues, only to be greeted by concerns about whether the patch fixed the problem.
Here’s the important point to remember.
When it comes to computer security, the appropriate response is NEVER to say, “Oh, yeah, but Windows is much worse.” You are on notice that there are security vulnerabilities – exploits are likely to follow. Get the patch and get it installed. Too many Mac users think that Macs are immune from security issues.
Running unpatched operating systems is one of the very worst moves you can make when it comes to security, even on a Mac.
Today, I found a great resource on the PC Magazine with 80 security tips all neatly collected for you.
Even better, you can attend the session on computer security that Dan Pinnington and I will be presenting at ABA TECHSHOW 2006 on April 20. Our focus will be on practical security tips and pointers with the needs of lawyers in mind.
This would also be a good day to check to see if you have installed all of the Windows critical updates.
UPDATE: PC Magazine has a new article on Mac security tips.
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