I mention John Boyd’s OODA Loop on this blog from time to time. OODA is an acronym for Observe – Orient – Decide – Act. I’m fascinated by the OODA Loop literature and the discussions around the topic.
Chet Richards, one of the leading thinkers on the OODA Loop, has recently made available his PowerPoint slides for a briefing that explains the OODA Loop. The presentation is an excellent introduction and I especially recommend it to anyone who wonders what the heck I’m talking about when I mention the OODA Loop.
I also recommend it to those who might like to join a conversation with me about the implications of the OODA Loop in the practice of law and Law 2.0.
Perhaps an even better introduction to the business implications of the OODA Loop and Boyd’s thinking bbis Richards’ Certain to Win PowerPoint presentation (with lots of notes).
If you want to dig deeper into to this very rich vein, I thoroughly recommend Robert Coram’s Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War and Chet Richards’ Certain to Win.
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