Martin Geddes at the Telepocalypse blog reports on a “just when you thought you had heard of everything” story of people being buried with their cell phones at their sides in their caskets.
No reports yet of people being buried wearing those headsets with the bright blue LEDs. However, there are apparently stories of people being buried with extra batteries.
Hey, if you consider what ancient pharoahs and royalty have been buried with, maybe it’s no so strange.
Well . . . yes, it is strange.
In my case (thank you Verizon), my reception six feet underground probably cannot be any worse than the reception I get on my cell phone at my house.
By the way, I like how Martin turns this weird story into a lesson that he draws about the telcom industry. I met and had dinner with Martin last year after the Chicago BlogWalk and was greatly impressed with his knowledge of the telcom industry and its trends and challenges. Be sure to read his whole post.
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