I’m a fan of Tom Collins and his More Partner Income blog. Today, he features a guest post from John Remsen, Jr. called “Keys to Successful Strategic Planning.”
It’s a good list of sound, solid information with an eye toward the needs of mid-sized firms.
The money quote:

Many midsized firms seem to think that strategic planning is for larger firms. However, any firm with an eye toward the future can benefit from the process. Planning can help a firm develop a consensus on key big-picture issues, promote internal communication within the firm, inspire attorneys to get out and do things they wouldn’t otherwise do, and help the firm allocate its resources more effectively.

My favorite tip relates to measuring and rewarding desired behavior.
A good strategic plan makes your technology (and other) decisions so much easier. If you have a good strategic plan, you’ll see the benefits of creating a strategic technology plan for your firm, something that really makes sense in the mid-sized law firm category.
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