Craig Pringle has a great blog post called “Now is the Time for Tablets” that argues that the time is now right for moving to the Tablet PC. As a Tablet PC user and a long-time Tablet PC fan, I could not agree more.
Craig’s post is well-reasoned and I highly recommend that you read the whole post. As long-time readers of this blog know, I think that Tablet PCs really make sense for lawyers.
The money quote is Craig’s list of reasons why the timing is right for Tablet PCs:

These key influences are:
+ Mobile computing in general is taking off.
+ Connectivity is trending towards being universal.
+ The limitations of battery life are being reduced.
+ The range of devices available is increasing.
+ The range of software written to be tablet aware or tablet specific is increasing.
+ The marginal cost of a tablet over a laptop is decreasing.
+ Awareness of the Tablet PC as an option is increasing.
+ The distinction between “Laptop” and “Tablet” is going to be removed with Windows Vista.

If you are considering the purchase of a new computer soon, add Craig’s post to list of articles to study.
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