RenewData has released a new white paper I wrote called “Moving From Reaction to Risk Management: Changing the Focus of Information Governance to Achieve Better Business Results.”
From the synopsis:

The whitepaper highlights the fact that information governance is an important component of overall risk management and that considering it as a key part of risk management both improves business results and helps manage risks. In addition, applying business rules can help reduce the costs of compliance and improve the likelihood of compliance and the enforcement of policies and procedures, resulting in a reduction of actual risk and an improvement in risk management.

In the paper I argue that we need to focus on “the benefits of finding and using appropriate business rules to move information governance efforts away from the reactive and passive approaches commonly used today to approaches that can anticipate and even prevent problems.”
A fundamental premise of my approach is that electronic discovery is just one part of an integrated records management and information governance effort.
I encourage you to read the white paper and let me know what you think. You may download the white paper (and another white paper I wrote earlier this year on information lifecycle management) here.
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