Dan Pinnington and I will be presenting a TECHSHOW session called “The Weakest Link: Security in a Wired and Wireless World.” I’m thrilled to finally get the chance to do a presentation with Dan, one of my favorite people in legal technology.
We’ve recently learned that the ABA will be doing a live webcast of our session.
While I definitely encourage you to attend TECHSHOW and our session, attending this webcast is the next best thing.
Here’s the program description:

An unprotected computer running a non-updated version of Windows will be attacked and compromised within twenty minutes of connecting to the Internet, potentially risking violation of your clients’ privacy.
Computer threats have become increasingly malicious and damaging. Automated attacks and organized crime have changed the security picture drastically from the days of the fifteen-year-old hacker breaking into systems for fun.
As wireless connectivity becomes more common, you are at risk at home, in your office and on the road. The good news is that there are standard steps that you can take and procedures that you can follow to safeguard the vital client, business, and personal information on your computers. The bad news is that neglecting these steps and ongoing security procedures will put your sensitive data in peril. There are many potential weak links in the networks and software systems you use in the practice of law.
Our expert faculty will provide information on current threats, tested strategies, best practices and practical tips that you can use to strengthen your wired and wireless networks.
In this session, you will learn practical ways to:
+ secure your computers and networks using the standard steps security experts recommend
+ test whether your efforts are working
+ minimize your risk of exposing client confidences and your business and personal information
+ stay aware of current security threats

Registration information is here.
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